Question: Do people who share online have the right to be intensely private?

Each individual moment that you decide to SHARE is a GIFT. If you CONTINUE to share, that means you're doing so DELIBERATELY and anyone who has the PRIVILEGE of experiencing what you share is FORTUNATE. The audience does NOT have the RIGHT to DECIDE WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, or HOW OFTEN you share whatever it is you are called to share. SHARING ANYTHING IS NOT A DEFAULT THAT MEANS ANYONE ELSE NOW HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE PRIVACY.


Focus upon your curiosity, focus on what you love

We grow where we set our focus. Focus upon your momentum. Focus upon the path of exhilarating discovery. We acknowledge our gratitude for the people who are inspired by what we share. We know where to let go. We let go of the ones who are not yet ready to hear our message, and we keep moving on. We continue to create.

begin again

Part of this art experiment is to meet you here, wherever you may be on this planet. ...And I hope that just as Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile, we can break the old rules around what work means, and how we get to spend our time in our lives. And by sharing the ways we are re-envisioning, and re-creating the ways we spend our time here, we open the way for others.


I've noticed, recently, that many of the people I've been speaking with in real life (as opposed to here, on the internet) have seemed to view the idea of creating an online business doing what you love as something that's a little... far-fetched. I'd like to share a few online resources for those people. They may inspire you to consider new possibilities - by looking at this in a new light.